Working at Eltana

Employment at Eltana

Working at Eltana

We want to build a team of smart, interesting and ambitious people – just like you. We know most of you have many alternatives for where to work, and how to earn money, and Grand Plans (or plans to make grand plans) for your life. So we have created a new way of working – more than just a set of benefits.

What We're About

Culture & Values

Eltana's People and Culture

Eltana takes a unique approach to business (and hiring), which requires a little explaining. Our culture and brand is based on the practical interpersonal wisdom developed by Jewish philosophers and teachers over thousands of years. That doesn’t mean you have to be Jewish to work at Eltana. We are equal opportunity employers and looking to hire a diverse group of people who reflect the traits we admire most in our employees. Specifically:


People who are comfortable being direct and honest


Excited by finding smarter and more effective ways of doing things

Generosity of Spirit

Assume the best in people and tend to give others the benefit of the doubt

Jewish Philosophy

About Our Jewish Roots

We are taking an approach that pays homage to the history of bagels as a baked good predominantly produced by Jewish bakers but reinterprets the idea of a "Jewish" company in a way that fits our world today — this place and this time. For thousands of years Jewish teachers and philosophers have attempted to unravel the timeless questions of how to be a better parent, teacher, friend, partner, employer and person. They've been nice enough to write down their attempts at answers and to revise their predecessors' efforts. The result is a lot of good thinking. We want to integrate this tradition into a popular, delicious and inclusive experience. Jewish insights into hospitality, intentional eating, and community dynamics inform everything from our ingredients, sourcing and food production to customer service and employee relationships, as well as our operating principles and venue design. We believe that these values resonate universally, and will draw employees and customers of all religious, cultural, and generational backgrounds.

Our Positions

Positions Available

You Don't have to be Jewish; Just Curious

We are looking to hire a diverse, representative group of people who embody the intentions behind this tradition, and can translate them into productive work. More specifically, we are looking for:

Outgoing and Efficient Counter Servers

No restaurant experience is required - just street smarts and passion. If you can apply those traits well you may also find yourself, in a few short months, in a position of responsibility as we also need to hire Bakery Managers and Assistant Managers.

Bakery Managers and Assistant Managers

The people we are looking for bring a mix of front of house and kitchen experience to the table. They have the empathy to work with a smart staff and they understand how to listen to and truly serve customers.


Please answer three of the questions below in 250 words or less. Send your completed questions and a resume to: daniel@eltana.com

About: Tell Us About Yourself

Tell us about yourself. Who are you? What do you do well?

Service: Great Service Examples

What does great service mean to you? Describe and give examples.

Life: Goals

What do you want out of life? Describe the type of person you aspire to be

Food: What Do You Like

What kind of food do you like? What about this food makes it appealing to you?

Group: Experience

Tell us about a great group experience you had and what made it positive and memorable

Spirit: Influences and Inspiration

Identify and explain the influences and inspirations that helped you become candid, efficient, and generous of spirit.


Send your completed questions and a resume to: daniel@eltana.com

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About Eltana

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