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Eltana is a wood fired bagel cafe located in Seattle, WA. Eltana can be found in Capitol Hill, Wallingford, and underneath the Space Needle (in the Armory). Our bagels are all handrolled and uniquely made. In addition to bagels, Eltana offers a variety of speciality teas, coffee, and pastries. Eltana is a friendly gathering place to work, study, meet with friends, and enjoy delicious bagels. We offer delivery and pickup options for all your breakfest and lunch needs. We hope you enjoy our bagels as much as we do!

Our programs

Hidden 36

Around our bakery on Capitol Hill, it is impossible to miss the scores of people on the streets asking for help. We want to help in the best way we know how - by feeding people. Join our Hidden 36 program, intended to help alleviate hunger in Seattle. Click on the logo above to learn more. Bagel donations options are also available at our cafes in Seattle.

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