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Eltana now offers different options for you to order online. You can place a same day order which is delivered by a service such as Uber Eats, you can schedule an order (24 hours in advance) for pick-up / delivery, or you can participate in our neighborhood delivery program.

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Join our Neighborhood Delivery program and get your favorite bagels delivered to your door.


Eltana Bagels

Deliciously Different

Eltana bagels are unique in many ways. Our distinct wood-fired style bagels are made with a special blend of flours and are boiled in honey water before baking. This process gives our bagels a unique taste and texture that you'll love.

Deliciously Different

Our bagels are made with a special blend of flours and hand-rolled making each bagel unique in shape and size.

Honey Boiled

Our bagels are boiled in honey water before baking for a soft, chewy texture.


All our bagels are wood-fired for a flavorful char and a unique texture.

A Variety of Flavors

We offer a variety of bagel flavors including plain, sesame, poppy, za'atar, salt, everything, rainbow and more.

A Variety of Spreads

We offer a variety of spreads including plain cream cheese, fig cherry compote, almond butter, scallion, spicy garlic, lox spread, and so much more.

The Brew

Locally Roasted Coffee

BioWilly's Beans

Coffee With A Conscience - From seed to cup, BioWilly's Beans are grown, processed, and roasted to meet a premium coffee standard. Eltana is proud to serve BioWilly's Beans, a local coffee roaster that is committed to sustainability and social responsibility.

Roasted sustainably

Sourced from all major coffee growing regions

Fair trade and organic

Roasted locally in Seattle


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PCC and Metropolitan Market

PCC and Metropolitan Market

For the month of May, when you buy a bag of bagels from PCC or Metropolitan Market in West Seattle, we will give you a $10 gift card!

Eltana and Digital Success

Eltana and Digital Success

The pandemic shifted the way customers interact with their favorite cafes almost overnight. Restaurants had to adapt to serve their customer's digitally in a world where food and people always went hand in hand.

BLM Statement

BLM Statement

We support Black Lives Matter and all protesters who continue to turn the screws on the system in a way that cannot be ignored. Keep it up.


We have two locations in Seattle for dine-in, takeout, and delivery. Our locations are open from 7am to 4pm daily.

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